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Tucson Corral of The Westerners


The Tucson Corral of the Westerners is a group of people who gather together monthly to have fun, share a meal and listen to a presentation about the great and fascinating history of the American West.

Anyone who loves the lore and history of the American West can join us "Westerners". All are welcomed.

Our mission is to encourage the continued interest in the history of the American West. We have a few rules but the Tucson Corral will always be guided by a spirit of fun and camaraderie.

The Tucson Corral was founded in 1953 as the sixth corral affiliated with the Westerners International which was formed in 1944 to preserve the history of the West and promote its scholarship. There are now over 145 affiliated but independently run corrals and posses throughout the world including in Great Britain and in additional European countries.

We are very serious about one part of The Tucson Corral's storied past - our publication of "The Smoke Signal". "The Smoke Signal" is our internationally recognized magazine that offers both professors and history buffs a place to present new scholarship about the history of our Southwest region. Since 1960 we have featured over 93 articles about subjects that range from the commonly thought of American West of the 1800s to other times before and after  -  from our Spanish colonial beginnings to the modern era.
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Back issues are indexed on this website and can be purchased.
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We invite you to join us and become a fellow Westerner. Our definition of a "Westerner" is simple. It is anyone interested in the history of the American West. Of course it helps us spot another fellow Westerners if they stand up and join the Tucson Corral.
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We invite visitors and guests to attend at our monthly dinner meetings. The meetings are open to the public who contact us ahead of time to let us know they will be joining us for dinner, fun and fellowship.
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The Tucson Corral is run by our Posse so our others members can just have lots of fun.
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The Tucson Corral of the Westerners gives you a hearty Tucson Bienvenidos and welcomes you to our beautiful and historic Old Pueblo and the great history of the American West.

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Sheriff Elaine Jacobsen
(520) 548-8085; 

Tucson Corral of the Westerners
P.O.Box 40744
Tucson, Arizona 85717

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