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Our Posse members are a group of Westerners from all walks of life summoned by our Sheriff to assist in keeping the Tucson Corral running in good order so that the other Corral members can enjoy themselves.

No one can remember the last time the Posse was called up to perserve the public peace but the Posse is doing its civic duty by perserving the history of the American West by vigilantly maintaining the Tucson Corral's tradition of friendship and fun.

Officials - Fiscal Year 2017:

David Kubista
Telephone: (520) 326-2794
Contact by e-mail, click: heliomeds@yahoo.com

Deputy Sheriff
Elaine Jabobsen
Telephone: 520-548-8085
Contact by e-mail, click: ejacobsenaz@gmail.com

Register of Marks and Brands
Ralph Coltrin
Telephone: (520) 400-1690
Contact by e-mail, click: lmcoltrin@comcast.net

Keeper of ther Chips
Doug Cline
Telephone: (520) 742-1920
Contact by e-mail, click: dcline2930@aol.com

Trail Boss - Sergeant at Arms - Meeting Reservationsa
Gowher Jamshedi 
Contact by e-mail, click: Rrjgrj@aol.com
Telephone: (520) 548-3820

Roundup Foreman
Telephone: (520)
Contact by e-mail, click: 

Cyber Slinger
Telephone: (520) TBA

Contact by email, click  TBA

Westerners International Representative
Bruce Dinges
Contact by e-mail, click: bdinges@azhs.gov

Richard Hughes
Contact by e-mail, click: DWH526@comcast.net

Wrangler 1
David Kubista           - see above
Jim Klein
Telephone: (520) 795-9484
Gowher Jamshedi    - see above

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