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Brand Books are compilations of Smoke Signals with supplemental material on the Posse and other members and activities of the Tucson Corral of the Westerners.
Brand Books are bound in cloth with hard covers are 9’ by 12’ in size.

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Brand Book 2
Smoke Signals 11 through 20
Acknowledgments by Otis Chidester, founding editor
Cartography by Don Bufkin
Appendices I, II, III, Index. 200 pages. 1971

Brand Book 3
Smoke Signals 21 through 30
Acknowledgments by Otis Chidester
Cartography and end sheets by Don Bufkin
Appendices I, II and III, Index. 296 pages 1976

Brand Book 7
Smoke Signals 61 through 70
Featured article:“Biography of a Desert Church”by Dr. Bernard “Bunny” Fontana (the definitive work on the Mission San Xavier del Bac) 68-page revised Smoke Signal #3,
Introduction by Fred R. Egloff, President of Westerners International
Historical update on the Tucson Corral by Ann Rowland
Appendices I, II, III, Index, two end-paper maps. 240 pages. 1999

Brand Book 8
Smoke Signals 71 through 80
Dedication to John F. Maroh
Appendices I, II, III, IV, Index, 266 pages. 2008

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